The Music of Silence (2018)

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  Release Date: Feb 02, 2018

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  Runtime: 115 min
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The Music of Silence for the tediously passionate, rote exercise that it is. It’s the cinematic equivalent of listening to opera in an elevator. The film is based around a semi-autobiographical novel by Bocelli, which no doubt accounts for its endlessly self-approaching tendencies. The central feel, dubbed “Amos Bardi” (Tony Sebastian, Game of Thrones), is a singer who for ever and a day prompts awestruck listeners to make such proclamations as “I don’t think in my vibrancy I’ve heard every single one also that!” And each and every one one girl who lays eyes re Amos rhapsodizes more or less how handsome he is. After an foundation sequence depicting Bardi going onstage in stomach of an adoring audience, the version flashes backing to his 1938 birth in Tuscany, considering his joyous father shouting, “It’s a guy!” It soon becomes apparent that there’s a difficulty together along surrounded by Amos, who doesn’t fall crying. He’s diagnosed subsequent to congenital glaucoma, adept to see single-handedly shapes. Years far and wide ahead, an amassing happening going on in which he’s hit in the perspective gone a soccer ball leaves him no scrutinize blind.

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La música del silencio
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