The Butterfly Tree (2017)

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  Release Date: Nov 23, 2017

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  Runtime: 97 min


The Butterfly Tree has been made in a activity of lurid annoyance: The heart-in-hand sincerity of its worldview is what makes the film sweet and infuriating by turns. Cameron, who has ambitiously cited the likes of Amelie and Pans Labyrinth as influences upon her debuts dizzily heightened mise en scne, largely co-opts the naive, wonderstruck twist of 13-year-primordial Fin (Ed Oxenbould), a indulgent, seemingly friendless soul who, bearing in mind his mothers recent death, is hungry for anything semblance of beauty and magic he can locate in Down Under suburbia.

Notwithstanding his butterfly collecting goings-on which allows for copious, muggy-fluorescent daydream sequences of the gaudily digitized insects in enchanting flight most of that magic comes in the virtually glowing form of Evelyn, a cordially, kooky florist and former exotic dancer newly arrived in town upon a cloud of mauve fragrance and wafty backstory. (The random, unresolved aerate of an abusive ex-husband in one scene fills unaided a couple of blanks.) In the thesame afternoon, she separately befriends both Fin and his disconsolate father Al (Ewen Leslie), who has lately been channeling his widowers grief into an illicit affair behind than one of his creative writing students (Sophie Lowe, projecting some foxy slyness into a barely-there mood). That neither dad nor son knows of the supplementarys acquaintance gone Evelyn is a slightly wobbly contrivance; subsequent to the shadowys out, the film and characters alike lose their brightly colored marbles, behind family and indulgent tensions thriving and blurring in the films emotional hothouse.

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The Insect King
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