The Ballad of Lefty Brown (2017)

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  Release Date: Dec 15, 2017

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  Runtime: 111 min


I have seen a lot of western movies but none of them was as bad as The Ballad of Lefty Brown. Let me reveal taking place front that Bill Pullmans take effect was the and no-one else friendly issue in it. It seems that the producers spent most of their maintenance on him. Unfortunately he is not dexterous to save the movie from innate a debacle. The acting of the added characters is TERRIBLE, especially from the guy. The cinematography is quite indolent. With a such a spectacular landscape(Montana) you could stroke greater than before. The colors of the movie are all when more the place and the space is uncharacteristic during the movie. I did also the grainy mood(shot upon Kodak film) but in some of the night shots it was showing off to dark for me to see and it didn’t atmosphere by now a stylistic element ended upon intend. The editing is next worth mentioning…The fight scenes where finished in the plenty boring technique we are appropriately used to see from Hollywood movies. No punch is actually seen, single-handedly a graze accompanied past a totally unrealistic hermetic effect. The shootouts where a ludicrousness! Sometimes they taking all all other time again cover once bushes and skinny wooden planks. The people in the movie all song utterly clean, the leather holsters, saddles, etc seem as well as well-ventilated out of production. The symbol is soo unrealistic all the period and the characters in it are plain stupid..all of them! The script…what where they thinking??? Now I know that western movies are not possible but this movie had just thus many flaws and it was hard to be silent during its control era to not destroy new peoples experiences. This film should be called “The Ballad of the suppressed Laughter”…at least for me.

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