Thackeray (2018)

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  Release Date: Mar 23, 2018

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Thackeray The Film is a Hindi film starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui in a prominent role. It is a drama directed by Abhijit Panse. “It is important for an actor to be politically au fait but he should not bring his political ideas to the role. That would be antithetical to the amass idea of the craft,” says actor Satyajit Sharma, who was Nawazuddin’s senior at the National School of Drama in Delhi.

Then there is a debate on peak of how Thackeray will be portrayed back the movie is produced by Sanjay Raut, a Shiv Sena MP. With the movie set for pardon in January 2019, just in the back the Lok Sabha elections, it is on summit of likely that Thackeray will be portrayed single-handedly as a larger-than-life benevolent leader, a reach-gooder of sorts.

Will it assign an actor of Nawazuddin’s calibre the elbow room to bring in the greys into Thackeray’s environment?

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