Stranger in Paradise (2016)

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  Release Date: Dec 08, 2016

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  Runtime: 77 min


In a classroom newly arrived refugees learn a lesson approximately multifarious Europe. Operating at the intersection of fiction and documentary, Stranger in Paradise reflects vis–vis the skill intimates together along plus Europeans and refugees in a candid fashion. I went to ventilate this because a friend was speaking upon a panel virtually refugees at a film festival, and this was playing into the future her sky. I am hence happy I did. Very fascinating technique — an actor playing an intake professional faced as soon as three alternating groups of refugees (played by actual refugees). I know a fair bit roughly the refugee crisis, because my dear pal works for a resettlement agency, but I college even more from watching this film. The panelists at the festival had all just seen the film and enormously it was accurate in portraying what refugees experience frustrating to navigate the rules/laws, Talented director.

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Obcy w raju | Strain in paradis
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