Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution (2017)

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  Release Date: Dec 07, 2017

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  Runtime: 83 min


Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution is a documentary regarding speaking Queercore, the cultural and social goings-on that began as an offshoot of punk and was distinguished by its discontent considering societys disapproval of the gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender communities. In the mid-1980s, Bruce LaBruce and G. B. Jones, a pair of youngster Canadians, introduced the world to the burgeoning Toronto queer punk scene through homemade zines and scrappy films. In this pre-Internet period, there was no showing off of knowing that queercore consisted of just two people. Soon sufficient, their subversive start benefit on severity of their bedrooms to attract actual adherents, spawning a light-minded underground subculture that challenged both the mainstream gay and homophobic punk scenes.

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Liberation Is My Lover | Queercore - Liberation is my Lover
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