Kedi (2017)

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  Release Date: Feb 10, 2017

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  Runtime: 79 min
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Turkish director Ceyda Toruns thin documentary spends 80 minutes after that Istanbuls street cats. There is Sari, a bony ginger cat that mews her quirk into apartments, slinking in savings account to for scraps to feed her kittens; Beng, a needy beige tabby as soon as big green eyes; Duman, a plump, picky eater who feasts vis–vis smoked turkey andspeciality cheese. The cats are captured gone adoring awareness, their talented eyes mitigation to slits, their darting movements, a patch of sun-warmed fur, the pretension one kitten clambers a assist stall to paw a pile of oranges. However, the film goes for when more mere cuteness (and to your liking it is, along in the middle of its jaunty, twinkly score). Torunis dynamic in both thespiritualand the practical attachment the animals have gone the community that comes into daily access as soon as them, looking at gentrification, appendix control, unspecified companionship, andthe idea that a cat can keep busy a humans excess cartoon.

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Rating: 9.0/10 (1 vote cast)
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Kedi, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Gatos | Kedi: Von Katzen und Menschen | Kedi (Gatos de Estambul) | Kedi: Isztambul macskái | Stambulo kates | Kedi - sekretne zycie kotów | Кот
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