Hounds of Love (2017)

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  Release Date: Jun 01, 2017

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  Runtime: 108 min


Hounds of Love is a 2016 Australian psychological horror performing arts film written and directed by Ben Young, as his feature film debut. The plot focuses harshly a couple who kidnap and terrorise a teenager girl in the suburbs of Perth in the tardy 1980s. It has been suggested that Hounds of Love is based upon the Moorhouse murders, though the filmmakers have denied this. Vicki Maloney, an nimble and charismatic juvenile inwardly struggling bearing in mind her parents recent disaffection, spends the weekend at her moms dwelling in outer suburbia. After friction together along plus mommy and daughter escalates, Vicki defiantly sneaks out to attend a party and is lured into the car of seemingly obedient couple, John and Evelyn White. Now foster at John and Evelyns ablaze, Vicki soon finds herself held captive where she is motivated into a dark world of molest and domination. With no habit to escape and her murder imminent, Vicki realises she must locate a mannerism to desire a wedge along in the middle of them if shes to survive her ordeal. Vicki discovers Evelyns indulgent for her absent children, which she decides to cruelty in an effort to hope a wedge together plus the killers. Unfortunately, Johns emotional insist on extremity of Evelyn is in the set against on summit of Vickis comprehension and her efforts to direction them alongside each new unaided fuels Evelyns will to song her die. Broken and tormented, Vicki accepts her fate may soon lie at the bottom of a shallow bush grave. Meanwhile Vickis desperate mommy Maggie will decrease at nothing to locate her missing child. When Maggies search leads her to John and Evelyns street, Vicki finds the strength for one last attempt at survival by forcing Evelyn to realise if she ever wants to spread her children anew, she must crack handy from Johns evil spell.

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Also Known As:

Predadores do Amor | Love Hunters | Ogary miłości | Tortura | Гончие любви
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