Gehenna: Where Death Lives (2017)

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  Release Date: Dec 13, 2017

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Paulina and Tyler visit Saipan to locate the ideal property for their optional attachment company resort. After finding the unqualified location, they discover a hidden cave on the subject of the property and believe to be to scrutinize later than Alan, their local coordinator, and his gloves, Pepe. The cave reveals a long single-handedly Japanese military base, dating previously in the works to WW2. Further psychiatry uncovers several dried taking place corpses, but curiosity outweighs bell and they wander additional. From the darkness, an elderly man approaches; a man barely recognizable as human. Horrible deformities ravage his frail body, as if he had been vivacious in the cave for his entire vivaciousness. Alan panics and pushes the old-fashioned man backward, sending him crashing into the wall as well as a force that ends the antique-fashioned man’s energy. A immense explosion sends rocks and rubble everywhere. The extremity of the turbulence shakes the complete cave, knocking the vigor unconscious and seals them in the cave. They wake to locate the dead body of the primeval man has disappeared, as dexterously as the association corpses… Desperate to locate an exit, they mosey added into cave and combat more sinister secrets in it depths.

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