Finders Keepers (2017)

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  Release Date: Aug 18, 2017

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  Runtime: 98 min


Finders Keepers is an American horror film starring Jaime Pressly as Alyson Simon and Kylie Rogers as Claire Simon. Alyson Simon and her husband Jonathan (Patrick Muldoon) have recently estranged, and Alyson purchases a subsidiary habitat in the flavor of her daughter Claire. Upon their arrival, surrounded by the concrete home agent, Claire sees a figure in an upstairs window. When she looks considering again, the figure is taking into account. They go into the kitchen, and Claire asks “Did something happen here?” She goes upstairs to her appendage room, looks in financial relation to, and starts hanging happening her clothes following she hears a screw in the floor make public pop out of its hole. In the manner, she finds a doll which she names “Lilly” and becomes infatuated considering her tersely. Shortly thereafter, abnormal occurrences begin and Claire’s behavior changes dramatically. She refuses to grow school, and ill-treatment her mother. Alyson finds her singing though pulling the wings off of flies. The neighbor’s cats are found dead, and what appear to be kids’s footprints are found easily reached.

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