Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas (2009) (TV) (2009)

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  Release Date: Nov 25, 2009

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  Runtime: 58 min


I reference back very about how George wreaks havoc. How arrive no one gets furious at this stupid monkey? There’s one scene where George is maddening to make tomato snowmen for The Man in the Yellow Hat. When The Man in the Yellow Hat comes residence, he sees that George got tomato stick all beyond the kitchen. That’s a massive mess yet he never gets angry. Why is he appropriately passive? Not single-handedly him, but the burning of the adults in his activity seem to just laugh it off and treat George in addition to his fingers in financial bank account to dial when 911 if they ever lay a hand regarding him. I ache to choke that monkey! In the decrease, Curious George does something that suggests that “It’s the thought that counts” though The Man in the Yellow Hat yet tries to figure out that gibberish. This leads to some insane “It’s A Wonderful Life/Christmas Carol” segment that seems a little out of place, and somehow he just figures it out. When you finally discover it, you buy that stupid monkey is costly

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Coco| der neugierige Affe - Feiert Weihnachten | Bajkeverő majom: Boldog karácsonyt majom módra
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