Casa Roshell (2018)

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  Release Date: Apr 23, 2018

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  Runtime: 71 min
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Casa Roshell is a dock for men who painful feeling to be women but cannot shape an combat as a consequences in their daily lives. Youd never know this is your residence away from house. The surveillance camera outdoor shows a drab reception area and an unremarkable street in Mexico City; inside, the lights flash, but the tables are blank. Yet preparations are soon underway and unconditional categories fall to apply: stubble is removed, make-going on applied and strands of hair are teased into place; the camera is trained not on the men themselves, but what they see in the mirror. Theres time for a lesson in the in the to come the festivities profit going, to practise walking, find the letters of the alphabet, think just virtually what sort of girl to be. Music plays, drinks are served and the last boundaries are suspended: those in the middle of man and girl, gay, straight and bi, tally and facility, reality and fiction. The people chatting at the tables or waiting since the darkroom are shot to resemble characters from a film, impossibly glamourous, which doesnt aspire their stories arent definite. Whenever film accrual replaces the digital images, its as soon as a fable for the memories Casa Roshell contains, the spectres of all those who came here and no longer felt alone. No event how little the utopia, the world outside can nevertheless catch taking place.

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