Back Home (2018)

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  Release Date: Mar 29, 2018

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  Runtime: 103 min


Back Home Movie Written, directed and starred in by Albanese (who wrote the screenplay along behind Andrea Salerno, Stefano Bises and the satirical illustrator Makkox), Back Home catapults the viewer into the enormously orderly and monotonous animatronics of Mario Cavallaro, a fifty-year-archaic man as soon as no family, rest up not quite horticulture and a devotee of routine, which involves drinking a coffee in the bar downstairs all hours of daylight after dodging a myriad of non-EU citizens who attempt to sell him things and call him, to the side of his will, “friend!” (“I’m not your friend” is his punctual entry). When he is told that his beloved bar is mammal bought out by some “kebab Egyptians,” his world begins to waver. But the coup de grace comes gone a Senegalese street vendor, Oba (the French actor Alex Fondja) sets happening his stall right in tummy of Marios shop which sells to your liking socks family from his dad, where he offers the same items concerning the cheap, stealing from customers and making fun of him.

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