At the End of the Tunnel (2017)

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  Release Date: Dec 18, 2017

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The script is pretty satisfying more or less dealing as soon as spectators plausibility protests, but several remain. Galetero isnt stupid, and very not stupid ample not to check the walls for little holes as soon as mini-cameras in them and thats not the unaided occasion in fable to the subject of which Galeteros suspicions would conveniently be aroused. Also, Grande feels the compulsion, soon after Bertas arrival, to insert a dance sequence which looks as soon as a weird homage to the 9 Weeks video for Joe Cockers ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’, except to the lead even worse music its sleek sufficient as a stand-alone, and is a to your liking showpiece for the editing teams considerable skills, but its the whole unnecessary, and indeed upon the wrong side of excess.

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