Amerika Square (2017)

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  Release Date: Mar 23, 2017

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  Runtime: 86 min
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Capturing not single-handedly the ardent of Europes immigration temporary but the degradation of Greece between the hustlers and the crazies, Amerika Square (Plateia Amerikis) will long be remembered for its chilling portrait of an crazy, disenfranchised racist who turns to poisoning immigrants to make them go backing where they came from. The anguishing, downbeat illegal-immigrant defense may be getting a tiny too familiar to have much bite at the box office, but this interim directed gone clarity and compassion by Yannis Sakaridis should be dexterously appreciated by festival audiences. It won the FIPRESCI rave review in Thessaloniki.

Sakaridis moved from an editing career to directing gone Wild Duck (2013), a phone-hacking performing arts when political overtones. In his second feature, he pushes to the breaking narrowing the social and moral questions arising from how Europeans come to an agreement to the human flood of immigration. The very developed and the xenophobe are shown as partners moreover each subsidiary, suggesting that one’s attitude to immigration is not linked to class and is an individual tribute.

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Πλατεία Αμερικής | Amerikos aikste | Amerika Square
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