African Cats (2011)

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  Release Date: Apr 22, 2011

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African Cats, referred to as a “legitimate energy adventure,” tells the authentic credit of two animal families live in the wild by using definite-simulation footage. The film focuses upon a minor lion cub named Mara raised by her mom Layla, a mother cheetah named Sita who is raising five newborns, and Fang, the leader of Mara and Laylas narcissism, defending his associates from a banished lion named Kali.  With for that defense many species competing for manner and food in the savanna, the animals must figure out whats the best habit to survive.
The film begins by introducing Sita, a cheetah who lives in the massive plains of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, in Kenya, and has just resolved birth to five cubs to accept care of. Then we space Mara, a six-month-primeval lion cub, considering her mother Layla, who both association the River pride, which lives in the south of the park. The conceits leader is named Fang, an outdated male lion, who has a distinctive flashing tooth because of an earlier brawl. In the north of the Maasai Mara, Sita and her cubs coexist with another lion pride led by a large male named Kali, who wishes to fee his conceit and territory by taking beyond Fangs southern narcissism and territory, which however he cannot come as the Pride Lands are estranged by the crocodile infested river.

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Felinos de África | Reino dos Felinos | Im Reich der Raubkatzen | Félins: Le royaume du courage | Afrikai macskák - A bátorság birodalma | African Cats - Il regno del coraggio | Felinos de África | Afrykanskie koty | Gatos Africanos | Африканские кошки: Королевство смелых | Felinos de Africa
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