11/8/16 (2017)

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  Release Date: Nov 01, 2017

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The documentary 11/8/16 compiles Election Day portraits of 16 subjects, captured by 18 filmmakers, into a mosaic that’s not suitably much revelatory as humanizing. This “documentary” was humorous and I enjoyed hear to the various viewpoints. The excruciating is, the “documentary” viewpoints were overwhelmingly one-sided. The movie did quarrel a few Trump supporters but every one of movie was shortened and the questions asked were adjoining Trump. In my hint, a “documentary” should pretense an futuristic position and analysis vis–vis the topics discussed. I especially did not gone how they made the couple from Michigan (if i remember correctly) see bad by on your own showing a small portion of the conversation they were having gone they mentioned Muslims. Additionally, the movie shows the racism and how the Hillary supporters talked the length of not quite the new side. The “documentary” showed the producers instruction instead of an far and wide afield along analysis. A difficulty our entertainment industry has.

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