Judwaa 2 Review 2017 online

Twenty years ago, Salman Khan’s, ‘Twin’, ‘Twin 2’, what can be the reason to see it again, while the story of the film is the same. The reason is Varun Dhawan and his acting. Especially his comic timing, which keeps him away from Salman. In many places, he looks better than Salman. The second reason is the screenplay and dialogue of the film, which is written by Yunus Sejwal and Sajid-Farhad according to today’s era. The third reason is that before filming the music and fourth-fifth reasons, one eye should be put on the story of the film, because today a whole generation is such that it may be unaware of its story.

The movie begins in the style of Manmohan Desai. A Bad Man Charles (Zakir Hussain) has been caught by the police for the sake of smuggling heroes. Charles has been caught due to Rajiv Malhotra (Sachin Khedekar), so he takes one of the twins with him. Due to Charles’s fear, Rajeeee goes to London and here’s another Maharashtrian woman running for her second son. After fifteen years, both the children grow up. Mumbai’s name is Raja (Varun Dhawan) and London’s name is love. Both of us are different. One day and circumstances change such that the king has to go to London along with his niggard, Yar Nandu (Rajpal Yadav), where he meets Alishka (Jacqueline). Alishka likes the story of the king’s story and makes love between the two. On the other hand, in college, love goes to Samara (Tapasi). Problems and conflicts begin to grow, when Alishka understands love as King and Samara Raja.
One day in this lorry, the King encounters Charles, who has been released from jail and thirsty for the life of Malhotra. Charles, Tipperi Raja, tells Malhotra to get hold of it, and King Charles also admits this. And then it begins to kill and punish. When asked by David Dhawan why are they making ‘Twin 2’? He said, “I like many chains of old twins today, so I’m making a new movie with the same story. This is neither sequel nor part 2. We are rebooting this. ‘
Indeed, Dhawan has not changed anything except artists, locations and dialogues. David has made the film whistle, where many things are beyond logic. Such as Raja-Nandu going to London from a fake passport. There are many more such things in the movie, which will not get hug. But this movie consistently offers a dosage of entertainment. It is clear that this movie is for the Janardan, which likes the charming lines and flirtatious style along with the hero’s ruckus. Raja is the same character as Varun. Long after Rajpal Yadav also appeared in his entire color. Both of them openly laugh. Jacqueline’s glamor looks at the peak and the heat is good beyond the serious image. And that is why, despite the fact that a twenty-year-old story, style and music, the film is enjoyable. If there is nothing special to do, then this twist is seen in this festive season again.


3 stars
Film: Twin 2
Director: David Dhawan
Cast: Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandes, Tapi Pannu, Rajpal Yadav, Sachin Khedekar
Screenplay: Yunus Sejwal
Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala
Song: Dev Kohli, Anu Malik, Danish Sabri

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